Training Course Is In The Works!

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Welcome Back!


I am working on a training course for the new mobile home and land investor.  My goal is to teach you how to grow your business one home at a time using our strategies.

If you would like to join the email list to get a discount off the regular price of the course, click here.

Also, any input as to what you would like to see in the course would be greatly appreciated.

Training Course Is In The Works!

About Aaron Kinney

Aaron Kinney (Facebook) has been investing in mobile homes with land with his dad since 2011. He has begun sharing his business in the MobileHomeEbook Blog and has even written a book that outlines his strategies.

2 thoughts on “Training Course Is In The Works!

  1. I really intelligently am looking at investing in Mobile homes insteat of SFH beause of the low cost to get in! However Im from a small town in New mexico called los lunas , bosque farms and I want to know if I can get started on your formula for mobile home with land instead of a park! what is the numbers with cash flow! is it more down with land?

    • Hey Gideon,

      I would recommend checking out what’s available for sale in Zillow and what these properties are renting for in Craigslist to give you a decent idea of what you can expect your cash flow to be.

      I’d recommend calling 30-40 local banks and see if they’re financing mobile homes with land to investors. Don’t worry if you can’t find a bank willing to finance these properties. Almost all of our deals have been done with creative financing.

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