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The following are services that I am currently using in my real estate investing business.  Feel free to check them out and let me know if you are using a service that is better than what I have listed.

Disclaimer:  I do make a small profit on some of the links if you buy their products/services with no additional cost to you.  Most of the services are free anyway.

Collecting Electronic Rent –

  • Benefits:

    • Automatically calculates late fees (especially helpful if you have a daily late fee penalty)

    • Can block partial payments

    • Provides solid reports

    • Don’t have to deal with checks

  • Cost: $3 per payment that can be paid by renter or landlord


Credit & Criminal Background Checks – TransUnion Smartmove

  • This service allows you to screen your prospective tenants quickly and easily.

  • No cost to set up and $25 per background check that should be paid by the tenant.


Website Hosting – Hostgator

  • The low cost, high reliability, and ease of integration with WordPress make it a great service for websites that don’t bring a huge amount of traffic.


Website Publishing Platform – WordPress –

  • For those that aren’t extremely tech-savvy, wordpress is a great tool to build your website.  Adding content to your site is as easy as writing on Word.

  • Check out my blog article of moving my real estate website from a static HTML page to a WordPress site.

  • Cost:  Free

Sending Emails To Your List Of Buyers & Sellers – Mailchimp

  • Mailchimp does a great job of building your email buyer/seller list, sending out mass emails easily and quickly, and track who is actually opening your emails.

  • Cost:  Free for up to 2,000 email subscribers; you do have to jump to a paid plan if you want to incorporate autoresponders.


Signing Documents Electronically – HelloSign

  • This service keeps you from printing/signing/scanning documents and allows you to sign and edit documents from your computer or phone.  This can be a huge savings in time.

  • Integrates well with Gmail.
  • Cost:  Free if using the basic features


Receiving/Sending Faxes Without a Fax Machine – eFax

  • For those that don’t have fax machines, this service will allow you to receive faxes by email.

  • The free plan allows you to receive 10 free faxes per month.


LLC Incorporating – IncFile

  • Provides everything you need to set up your LLC while doing it cost-effectively (ours was around $400) and rather quickly (5-10 minutes of applications).


Purchasing Leads – ListSource

  • This is a great site for finding targeted leads using all kinds of customizable criteria to send direct mail to.

  • Cost:  Varies but typically about $0.20 per lead


Sending Direct Mail – VistaPrint

  • Sending postcards through Vistaprint is pretty simple.  You simply customize your postcard and upload your targeted list of leads and Vistaprint takes care of printing and sending your postcards to your leads.

  • Cost:  Depends on what special they are running


Monitoring Craigslist Keywords – Craigslist Pro Plus by Escargot Studios – iPhone App

  • This handy app will notify you when any new real estate listings on Craigslist match one of your keywords, saving you the time of constantly searching Craigslist for deals.

  • Cost:  $2


Monitoring Your Credit Score – Credit Karma and Credit Sesame

  • Both services are free and help you keep track of your credit score.  It’s hard to underestimate the value of a strong credit score as it can be the difference in being able to borrow the money to buy your next great real estate deal.

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