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Personal Use

From 2012 through mid-2014, my wife and I were paying $180 per month for our two iPhone cell phone plans through AT&T. My full time job reimbursed me about $140 each month for my cell phone so we were only paying $40 per month for my wife’s phone. Even though the plan was expensive, I wasn’t too motivated to switch carriers because of the work reimbursement.

In mid-2014, I left my full-time job to pursue real estate investing full time. In the month or so before I left, I began to research other carriers for a more affordable option.

I stumbled upon Republic Wireless. They rely on their customers to use Wi-Fi a majority of the time for all their calls, texts, and data, saving the carrier a ton of money who passes off much of this savings to the consumer.

They have a $10 per month plan that gives you unlimited calling and texting over Wi-Fi and over Sprint’s cellular networks when you’re away from Wi-Fi and unlimited data over Wi-Fi. They have more expensive plans for those who need 3G and 4G data for when you’re on the go.

You’re able to switch phone plans a couple times each month so my wife and I will upgrade our plans to include 3G data when we travel and then downgrade them when we get back home so that our bill barely rises.

There’s a limited selection of phones that work with Republic Wireless (Moto G, X, and E). The Moto G is a solid Android phone that can do just as much as any other phone. We recently upgraded my wife’s phone to the Moto X for the better camera.

I’ve purchased the Moto G from Ebay for about $110 in the past. The Moto X is about twice that.

Business Use

In the past, we’ve used Google Voice to handle all of our incoming calls from tenants and sellers. If you haven’t used Google Voice before, it’s a free service that gives you a local number that forwards all calls to a phone of your choosing.

It’s not a bad system for just starting out (and much better than giving the public your personal cell phone), but we had an issue where Google shut down our Google Voice account for a couple weeks out of the blue. We were able to get it reinstated but this left me scrambling for another business phone solution.

If you do a Google search, you can find a ton of business phone options, but they all seemed expensive and/or had minutes limits. We decided to get another Moto G phone through Republic Wireless. For just $10 per month, we have a cheap business phone that works great.

My assistant who lives out-of-state handles all of our calls with this phone. She’s been working with us for a year and we trust her a great deal.

You might be thinking “what happens if she goes rogue and you never hear from her again?” With Republic Wireless, we can shift the phone number to a different phone in a matter of minutes without any customer service help.

I had originally bought a Motorola Defy when we signed up for Republic Wireless because of its super low cost. However, the phone didn’t work well (dropped way more calls than our Moto G’s) and I’ve kept it as a back up in case something happened to our personal or business phones.

What kind of business phone are you using?


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