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Wobbly Boxes: My Business Model and Journey Into The Investing World Of Mobile Homes With Land By Aaron Kinneywobblyboxes cover

In this book, I describe the current state of our mobile home and land investing business with both the strong points and flaws included.  The first 4 chapters dig deep into the various parts of our business.  The last 3 chapters describe our first 3 deals with plenty of mistakes to learn from.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface – Why did I write this book?
  • Chapter 1 – Business Model – Acquisitions
  • Chapter 2 – Business Model – Financing
  • Chapter 3 – Business Model – Sales
  • Chapter 4 – Our Team
  • Chapter 5 – Case Study 1 – 1st Home
  • Chapter 6 – Case Study 2 – 1st Mobile Home and Land Property
  • Chapter 7 – Case Study 3 – 2nd Mobile Home and Land Property
  • Conclusion

If you would like to sample the book, you can download the pdf version of Chapter 1 by clicking here. The full version of the book can be purchased for $9.99.

Case Study CoverLand & Home Investing Case Studies By Aaron Kinney

If you’ve read my first book, I described our first three deals.  Well, a lot has changed since those first few deals. We’ve stumbled along the way, trying to figure out the best way to make money and serve our customers. I hope that your mobile home and investing business (or a similar real estate investing business) can learn from our mistakes and become more efficient and profitable. This book describes our first 20 properties and the highs and lows of each property. Enjoy! Table of Contents:

      • Introduction



    • Property #1:  First Investment Property



    • Property #2:  First Mobile Home and Land Deal



    • Property #3: Nearly New Mobile Home



    • Property #4:  Next Door to Property #2



    • Property #5:  Land/Home in Great School District



    • Property #6:  One of our Nicest Land/Homes So Far…



    • Property #7:  Rough Land/Home In A Great Location



    • Property #8:  Small Doublewide in New Area



    • Property #9:  Persistence Pays Off



    • Property #10:  Older 2 Bedroom Homes Aren’t Very Appealing



    • Property #11:  A 3 Bedroom That’s A Little Too Far Away



    • Property #12:  I Lost On My Gamble On An Abandoned Mobile Home



    • Properties 13 & 14:  2 For 1 in a Great Area



    • Property #15:  The One That We Should Have Walked Away From



    • Property #16:  Rough Home in a Great Area on 3+ Acres



    • Properties 17 & 18:  An Unexpected 2 for 1



    • Property #19: Buying A Mobile Home And Land Property As A Personal Residence



    • Property #20:  Converting Our Primary Residence Into A Rental Property



    • Conclusion


    The full version of the book can be purchased for $9.99.



Tony Colella’s Investing in Mobile Homes with Land

For those who don’t know, Tony Colella wrote the first book specifically related to mobile home with land investing and is personally a big reason why I got started investing in this niche.  Tony has recently revised and added to his popular book to keep it as relevant as the day he first wrote it.

Tony’s blue collar approach to investing is great for the new investor who wants to keep costs low and wants to learn the rehab side of this business.


blue tony ebook cover

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1:  Singlewide Land/Home Deals
  • Chapter 2:  Doublewide Land/Home Deals
  • Chapter 3:  Developing Land/Home Packages
  • Chapter 4:  Semi-Development Deals
  • Chapter 5:  Singlewide Upgrade
  • Chapter 6:  Foreclosures
  • Chapter 7:  How to Determine Value
  • Chapter 8:  The Checkbook Analysis
  • Chapter 9:  Estimating Expenses
  • Chapter 10:  Finding the Deal
  • Chapter 11:  Working with Motivated Sellers
  • Chapter 12:  The Letter of Intent
  • Chapter 13:  Working with Lenders
  • Chapter 14:  Working with Real Estate Agents
  • Chapter 15:  Inspecting the Property
  • Chapter 16:  The Closing
  • Chapter 17:  Landlording
  • Chapter 18:  Mobile Workshop
  • Chapter 19:  Landlord Friendly Repairs
  • Chapter 20:  The Three Legged Stool
  • Chapter 21:  Wealth Investing
  • Chapter 22:  Mortgage Pay-Down Pyramid
  • Chapter 23:  Land/Home “Lonnie Dealing”

The eBook version can be purchased for $49.



Aaron Kinney’s Training Guide to Investing in

Mobile Homes with LandTraining Guide Cover

In this training guide, I imagined what I would do if I could restart my business from step 0. The course consists of 29 modules (see below) in chronological order of what a brand new investor should do in starting and growing their mobile home and land investing business.

  • IntroductionHow To Fund The First DealTesting Your Market In Terms Of Potential Cash Flow

    Testing Your Market In Terms Of Demand

    Differences between Singlewides and Doublewides in Terms of Expected Rent

    Let’s Find Property #1

    Checking Out Property #1

    Getting the First Property Under Contract

    Closing Deal # 1

    Property #1 Rehab

    Marketing The Property To Find A Tenant-Buyer

    Renting/Selling the Property

    Our Rent-To-Own Strategy

    Disclaimer About the SAFE&Dodd-Frank Acts

    Showing The Property And Qualifying The Tenant-Buyer

    Meeting The Tenant-Buyer At Closing

    This second section involves scaling your business and walks you through an example second deal:

    Finding The Right Real Estate Agent

    Finding and Purchasing Property #2

    Building Your Website

    Building Your Facebook Page

    Refinancing Property #1

    Marketing And Selling Property #2

    Training Your Tenant-Buyers

    This final section discusses a few topics (some are quite boring compared to the actual deal-making) that need to be addressed as you continue growing your business:

    Asset Protection (Incorporating & Umbrella Insurance)

    Balancing Your Books

    Bringing Seller Leads To You

    Dealing With Property Taxes

    Taking A Property Back

    Conclusion: My Advice and Promise To Help

Who is this course not for?

I don’t recommend that you buy this course if this is the first time you have heard about mobile homes.  Read some books related to mobile home investing on Amazon first. I believe that you should only buy this course if you are ready to begin investing in mobile homes with land.  Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote about “Why Not To Buy Expensive Courses Unless…”

The course provides the clear direction to begin starting and growing your business.  It’s not another course that provides inspiration that you are going to be rich investing.  However, if you work hard and smart, you can do well financially in this business. Basically, I will hold your hand through your early growing pains to give you the best chance of being successful in this business.

But, can’t I just find all of this information for free?

Yes, you probably can.  There are some great real estate investing websites that compile all kinds of great content from successful investors.  The problem is that there is even more information that won’t help you and may even harm your business if the concepts are outdated or only apply in certain locations or are just bad advice.  It can be difficult to verify the credentials of the person giving you advice.  If you don’t have a problem filtering through all of this content, then go for it.

But, if you would prefer a shortcut to investing in mobile homes with land, this course is for you.

The course can be purchased for $49.  If you don’t find enough value in the course within 30 days, we will gladly refund you your money.

Interested In Buying Everything Above Plus Getting 10 Phone Calls with Aaron?

For just $249, you can have all of the content above plus you’ll have my personal cell phone number where we can schedule up to 10 thirty minute calls to talk about anything related to mobile homes with land.

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  1. Hi Aaron. My name is dimitri and I found you through a video with Lisa Phillips interviewing you. I have a question for you. If I buy your course how long do you support somebody .there is a time frame for it? Please let me know. thanks I would really appreciate it.

    • Hey Dimitri,

      In the $300 course, I’ll give you my phone number and an extensive amount of support. Otherwise, support will be a limited amount of emails. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

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