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I’m slow typing text messages onto the phone and even though the voice to text recognition has gotten a lot better, I find that I’m way faster and more accurate typing on a keyboard.

For one-on-one texting conversations, MightyText works great. If you’re texting a group of people in a one-time conversation, MightyText can handle this. However I’d recommend a service like CheapestTexting that I’ve reviewed earlier to handle your text message marketing campaigns (such as alerting potential tenants of a newly available property.)

I’ve been using MightyText since 2014. Back then, I was doing all of the tenant management and would typically be contacted a few times a day, mostly by phone calls. Most of the time I would text the tenant using MightyText and try to answer their inquiry within 2 or 3 texts. Phone calls are terribly distracting when you’re working on something else and even though texts are still disruptive, I find that I can quickly go back and forth.

I’m no longer handling the tenant management (my assistant does and uses MightyText as well) but still like to use MightyText for urgent messages with my team or friends and family.

A few other cool features:

Desktop notifications – with the MightyText Chrome extension, the text messages pop up on your screen regardless if you’re logged into the MightyText Web app. No more reaching into my pocket to find my phone when I’m logged into my computer.
Gmail Integration – you can send and receive text messages from within Gmail. Pretty useful if you keep your email open all day.
Schedule Messages – I believe that everything I’ve mentioned previously is available in the free version of the app. For $40 per year, you can upgrade to the pro version that includes several new features, including scheduling messages. I don’t like to send texts before 9 am or after 9 pm so I use the scheduling feature regularly which made the pro upgrade worthwhile.

Are you using MightyText or any similar tools?

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