BP Post #7: How Seinfeld’s Productivity Can Help Grow Your Real Estate Business

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In this seventh installment at Bigger Pockets, I wrote about the Seinfeld method of not “breaking the chain” that basically involves working a little every day to get closer daily to your goal.

Here’s a short excerpt:

“Seinfeld said that the key to being a great comedian was creating a lot of quality jokes, which obviously takes a lot of writing. (It takes a great deal of work to be successful in any field and real estate investing is no exception.)

His goal was to write more both in terms of quality and quantity consistently. This sounds like an abstract and unmeasurable goal at first, but he strived to do this on a daily basis to force himself into this habit.

He had a large printable calendar that he would keep at his desk and for each day that he wrote, he crossed off that day. Over time, he had a large chain of X’s across his calendar and the goal was to not “break the streak” of X’s across his calendar.”

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Could you use this tip to grow your business?

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Aaron Kinney (Facebook) has been investing in mobile homes with land with his dad since 2011. He has begun sharing his business in the MobileHomeEbook Blog and has even written a book that outlines his strategies.

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